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Connect with the Community

The Cinnamon Waffles was originally a sub-group of the larger Q Christian Fellowship community and, while we participate in that larger community, we also have spaces that are uniquely our own as we have developed our own sense of identity separate from the larger organization. Online, the Waffles can be found most actively through our secret Facebook group, through we can also be found through Twitter, Google+, and the QCF forums. These online communities can provide more information about local and regional groups, as well as other Waffle and QCF get-togethers like the annual Cinnamon Waffle Retreat or QCF Conference.


QCF Community

The QCF Online Community has been around for more than a decade, and was the main vehicle by which the Gay Christian Network grew in its early years. Newly renovated, this online community is for all LGBT Christians, allies, family, friends, and those wanting to learn more. While not as active as the Facebook group as we have pulled away some from QCF, it can be a great place to start getting connected in an anonymous forum.

Our public page is a source of info, announcements, and resources, but the secret group is where most of the day-to-day life of the community happens through prayer requests, sharing good news, chatting about current events, or funny gif threads. If you're looking for friendship, support, or guidance, this may be the place for you! The Facebook group is set up as a "secret group" to protect those who are not out as LGBT or allies on their Facebook, so you need to contact us here, through the QCF forum, or our public Facebook page to be added. This group is guided by an admin team and set of community guidelines.

Follow us on Twitter for QCF and Cinnamon Waffles news and announcements, as well as relevant media, articles, resources, and more from a variety of Christian and LGBT sources.

Google+ is our public community where information, photos, and other material is posted. We also use Google Hangouts frequently for our "Kikis," frequent virtual gatherings of Waffles for purposes of fun and merriment.

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