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We work hard throughout the year to make retreat a successful, enjoyable experience for all.

Clayton Snell

Clayton Snell grew up and went to college in and around Philadelphia, PA. He now lives in Denver, CO with his main squeeze, Gumbo the Cat. Clayton is a freaking doctor and won't let you forget, especially when he does something dumb. He creeped on the GCN message boards for years before finally meeting up with some Waffles in person, and the rest is herstory. He's been to every retreat, and helped plan all but one. Clayton's been known to cry about pictures of Jupiter. He also drinks and knows things.



Peggy-Sue Paulsen

Peggy-Sue is the queen of the Waffles, and has been the first welcoming face for many new members over the years. She's been a part of QCF since forever, and the retreat planning team since the beginning of time. Though she may be a Slytherin and the embodiment of Ursula, there is nothing quite like a PSP (Peggy-Sue Paulsen) hug. She pays the bills by being a hair stylist-extraordinaire.

Evan Jones

Evan Jones was born and raised this side of the rainbow in Kansas. Currently, he works as a counselor at a youth shelter while working towards his ultimate goal of becoming a licensed mental health therapist. Evan joined GCN back in 2009 and has been involved with planning the annual Waffle retreat since it began in 2013. In his spare time, Evan enjoys reading, movies, gaming with friends, and the best Dad jokes the Internet has to offer.

Karl Johnson

Karl helps Peggy-Sue rep the West Coast for the retreat team from Sacramento, California. He discovered QCF (at that time, GCN) in the fall of 2013, and attended his first Retreat in 2014. This first in-person experience with QCF in and the Waffles sealed the deal: he had found a home and community to belong in. He was asked to join the planning team for the following retreat, and has loved serving the community he loves in this way ever since. At home, Karl is a music and theatre teacher by day, and a musical theatre actor by night.

Kalevi Chen

Kalevi Chen grew up in southeastern Washington on the Columbia River, and currently lives in Des Moines, Iowa with his partner Garrison Copeland. After running across Q Christian Fellowship (then Gay Christian Network) 12 years ago and growing deeper and deeper into the Cinnamon Waffles community, Kalevi joined the Retreat Planning Committee in 2015 and loves putting blood, sweat, and tears into making Retreat an enjoyable, refreshing time for everyone. To pay the bills, Kalevi is a commercial insurance underwriter, and is also a church and freelance musician, focusing on bassoon and voice.


We hope you'll join us!



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